A unique www domain
Choose the domain you want to host your lessons on and we handle the rest. Students stay within your domain so you aren't facing competition from other content producers.
Tell your story
Create your own information pages to highlight your credentials and experience to potential students using a custom-built CMS
Manage your logo and colour theme so your school stays within your own brand.
Lessons can be categorised, tagged, searchable and grouped into courses making it easy for you to manage and easy for your students to access.
Easy subscriptions
Encourage students to join and subscribe to your school on a monthly rolling basis. They can pay via card or Paypal.
Pay-as-you-go content
Create customised e-commerce stores selling one-off courses and files to those students who do not join as student.

Monitor your progress

Use the admin console to view how many students you have, how many of them are subscribing, how much money you are making and much more.

Create bespoke lessons

Customise lessons for those students you usually teach one-to-one. Limit lesson access to one student, groups of students or all of your students.

Support & feedback

We want this to work for you and value your feedback. You can quickly and easily get in touch if you need support or want to make suggestions via hello@maawol.com

The Technology

Secure hosting

We set you up with a secure SSL certificate for your domain so that your site runs securely over HTTPS

Responsive layout

Maawol schools are designed to be responsive for all modern devices, they look great on mobiles, desktops and tablets.

Build, Enrol, Earn

Our introductory pricing plan is simple. No upfront costs, no monthly fees. We only take a percentage once you are earning from your students.

You can earn by turning students into subscribers or by selling them one-off packages of content. The more subscribers you secure, the more Maawol functionality you unlock. Here's how it works...


By signing up to Maawol with no upfront costs you can now:

  • Open your school and choose a unique Maawol subdomain like https://ericspiano.maawol.com
  • Setup your branding and create static information pages to help showcase the school to potential students
  • Begin adding lesson content and enrolling students
  • Start taking subscriptions

Maawol takes 10% of all subscription and web-store payments.

  30+ subscribers

By increasing your subscribing students to 30 you unlock the ACADEMY level.

On top of all features from the SCHOOL level and at no extra cost you can now:

  • Run your school on a fully qualified and secure web domain of your choice like https://www.ericspiano.com
    (includes SSL certificate)
  • Setup a web-store and sell your content pay-as-you-go
  • Setup and run your own blog

Maawol reduces its revenue share and now only takes 7.5% of all subscription and web-store payments.

  100+ subscribers

Once you reach 100 subscribers you now unlock the CONSERVATOIRE level.

On top of all features from the ACADEMY level you can now:

  • Offer your very own branded Mobile App available for your subscribing students on the iOS app store and Google Play store for Android
  • Make school-wide announcements to your students through on-screen and push notifications
  • Send fully-branded HTML email campaigns out to your students to help increase their engagement

Maawol again reduces its revenue share and now takes only 5% of all subscription and web-store payments.

All student subscription payments are also subject to card transaction fees of 2%. Contact us for more details.


We recommend you have at least 20 video lessons before you start charging for subscriptions.

But this DOES NOT mean that you need to wait until then to setup your school and start taking on students. It's easy to build your membership using free content whilst building up your premium content ready to start taking subscriptions.

If you are an individual music teacher and worried that you will not be able to produce enough content, why not collaborate with your musician friends and start a Maawol school together?


  • It's FREE for students to join your school but they need to pay to subscribe to your premium content.
  • You get to decide which content is free and which is premium.
  • Lessons do not have to contain videos, you can create lessons that are text only and you have the options include Audio files and scores to support the lesson material.

Students can browse your lesson content in many ways:-

  • Filter down by categories and tags.
  • Search lesson content.
  • Accessing your courses
  • Add lessons to their own Favourites, Watch Later and Viewed lists.

As well as managing your lesson content and info pages, your admin console can be used to control:-

  • Your colour theme
  • Your logo
  • Links to your social media platforms
  • Other website images such as your favicon
  • When students perform certain actions on your Maawol school such as register or subscribe they recieve a custom branded email notification.
  • From your Maawol admin console you can also send customised newsletters or announcements to your students as a mailshot.
  • Via your admin console you can create custom e-commerce web-stores and populate them with sale items such as Courses, PDF scores and Audio files.
  • You can then market these web-stores, via a unique URL, to make one-off sales of your content to students who do not wish to join as a member.


All costs involved with running an e-learning AND an e-commerce platform are handled by us. You will pay...

  • No video hosting fees - we use Vimeo
  • No file hosting fees - we use AWS S3
  • No mailout fees - we use Mailchimp
  • No web hosting fees - we use our own secure cloud server on DigitalOcean
  • No domain or SSL certificate fees - we use Namecheap

We take a small percentage of all your sales dependent on how many subscribing students you have enrolled at any given time. More details here.

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A Testimonial

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